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After over three months on adventuring over the US and Canada, we have evaluated our plan and have decided on a big change.
Posted: 09/11/19

From Matt’s impromptu Poe-try recitation to kayaking down the eagle-dense Yukon River, a trip like this is full of amazing moments. Here, we pause to reflect on some of our favorites so far. Posted: 08/05/19

Parents often struggle with the amount of screen time their kids are allowed. Is it cruel and unreasonable to be the parents that allows their child none?
Posted: 07/15/19

Staying healthy is challenging whether you're working in an office or traveling full time. In this post, Jane reflects on exercise goals versus a lifestyle approach.
Posted 07/15/19

Can a kid be adventurous, take risks, talk to strangers, and still be safe? In this post, Jane takes on conventional thinking about safety.
Posted 6/26/19

Wolf’s education started off well with two years at the amazing Bambini Creativi. We try to continue with the same learning principles with our apt little pupil.
Posted 06/06/19

Kid • Dog • Travel is:

Jane: After growing up in Kansas, Jane has spent most of her adult life living in different parts of the world - Japan, France, India, Dubai. Her insatiable love of travel has brought her to over 70 different countries, including Borneo where she and Matt were engaged. Jane has made perhaps the biggest sacrifice in embarking on our new life - that is, giving up her truly fantastic scarf collection. It's been worth it, and Jane’s passion for seeing the world and learning about different cultures has been supercharged.

Matt: Matt caught the travel bug when he was attending the Naval Academy and took advantage of opportunities to travel to and study in Europe. His time in the Navy brought him to several places in the Pacific rim and cemented travel as part of life and living. His ruggedly handsome appearance should not imply a lack of superior intelligence or cuddly sensitivities. Both a trained karate black belt and degreed engineer, he is well-prepared to trailblaze the world. Notably, he has only crashed the truck once.

Wolf: By the time Wolf turned four, he had four different countries stamped on his passport. When we noticed that significant developmental jumps coincided with our trips, we decided that a life of travel and adventure was the greatest gift we could give him. Fortunately, he is well suited for the lifestyle. He loves to talk to people, makes friends very quickly, and is always eager to explore and learn.

Casey: Casey is a male Rhodesian Ridgeback. Bred to hunt lions in southern Africa, Ridgebacks are built for running fast over long distances. Casey is no exception. He loves to run. He also loves to not listen very well, but we are working on that. He is now a 100 pound puppy and is figuring out how to manage his Usain Bolt-like speed.

The Buffalo: Our rig is an LMTV (Light Medium Transport Vehicle) outfitted with a box with all the comforts of home, albeit a tiny home. It was made by Stewart and Stevenson in 1997. It has a 6-cylinder, turbo charged Caterpillar engine that produces 275 hp and 817 ft-lbs of torque. The box is constructed of double walled aluminum sheeting with 3” of insulation. It has a lift queen sized bed, six-seat dinette that converts to a queen sized bed, two recliners, induction stove, and separate bathroom and shower. It has 1000 kW solar and uses diesel heat.

Our Favorite Overlanding/Travel Sites

Overland Bound has loads of adventures documented on their site and youtube channel. Always interesting and very good production. One of my favorites is their video on how to use Light Room to improve the look of your photos.

Let’s Not Panic is a podcast that chronicles the adventures of a San Fran couple who left their jobs, gave up their lease, and traveled through South America and beyond in their Toyota Forerunner. They are trying not to panic!

Bliss or Die is one of our favorites since they have an LMTV too. We looked into Bliss Mobil before getting our rig so we closely followed their progress as they started their travel adventures. Darrell is a fellow cancer survivor too.